Old Navy Super Cash- All What You Need To Know


Old Navy’s present Super Cash additional earning time happens between September 9 . One can get extra earnings through the program that is if you spend around $25 then you will get $10 Super Cash and once can avail this Super Cash around 10th September. Pro Tip is  to earn the Super Cash during previous earnings period then it will be the best for you


One of the leading brands in the fashion industry, Old Navy has set standards high and offers different categories of fashion and apparel that astonishes the customer to a great extent. They believe in freedom of style and a world of equality with opportunities. Innovation and creativity are what they believe in and that leads to greater success of the brand. The brand offers a great product line for the customers which includes men, women, kids, women plus size outfits, family outfit jerseys, and much more. They are continuously developing inclusive products that partner with Gap for product design, merchandising, and marketing to make sure that they present the emotions of the customers. 

Old Navy is a place that is fun to shop, you get all the trendy, affordable, cute, and casual outfits for family and friends. And like all the stores in the Gap family, it’s even good when you can take benefit of their saving promotions. Old Navy Super Cash is surely the talk of the town that is a program where one can save up to many bucks for the next shopping sphere. Wondering what the fuss and hype are all about the famous Old Navy Super Cash programs because it gets pop up while surfing on even before the checkout? Here we have got you all the details that will solve all your questions and make your suspicious mind relax because after all, it’s all about BIG SAVINGS! Check out the details below and get a chance to grab this opportunity that will lead to saving bucks.

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What Is Old Navy Super Cash?

Old Navy Super Cash is a reward program for the customers which can be redeemed in-stores and online as well, designed specifically for the customers to reward, offers saving options, and encourage customer loyalty. While shopping through this reward program, you will earn Super Cash savings rewards that can be used during the redemption period. It’s simple, that is you shop your favorite products from Old Navy and then simply earn dollars off coupons for another shopping tip! How do this sound? Exciting, Right?

How Does Old Navy Super Cash Work?

Spent $25 during the Old Navy Super Cash Program and get a return of $10 Super Cash Reward. The brand is very much constant and rapid in this period so do not wait for other saving options, grab it at the first instant and earn back dollars for your next shopping trip

One important element of the reward program is that you will get one coupon per transaction. For in-store shopping, you will get paper coupons and for online you will earn and receive the digital version of the coupons through email within 24 hours of the time period of the purchase. Super-Cash can be used interchangeably in stores and online as you have earned them and can be used in any way that is you have the option to save coupons to your phones. Here is one point to be remembered this reward program cannot be combined with other coupons and cannot be utilized to purchase online everyday giveaways 

They offer periods throughout the year so keep a check on the Old Navy coupons page so that one can remain updated about current promotions and even they can sign up directly with the email address or with phone numbers to get promotions updates and alerts for the Super Cash periods 


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How to Earn Old Navy Super Cash

Old Navy Super Cash can be received when you buy a product or shop during the program time period. That is the earning period lasts for about four weeks and during this, you can get benefit from the reward program these periods are offered multiple times through the year, so if you missed one shot you will have the chance to gran the another one. for in-store shopping, the earn periods are regular and it offers double earn events as well while for online shopping will earn you Super Cash as well 

In-Store Regular Earn Period

When you shop in a store during a regular earn period you can earn up to $30 Super Cash. The amount gained  relies  on the amount you spend. if you have spend around $35 and $49.99 then one will get $10 Super Cash. Similarly if you spend more like between $50 and $75 and above then you will get $30 Super Cash . The maximum earnings you can get while purchasing is $30 Super Cash 

In-Store Double Earn Period

IT’S A BIGGGGGGG SAVING! As the term remains true to its meaning, you will earn double while shopping in-store. The reward program will double your earnings and depends on how much you spend, that is if you spend between $25 and $49.99 then you earn back $20 Super Cash. If you spend around $50 and $74.99 then you will earn back $40 Super Cash and if you move more and more like if you made a purchase of $75 and more then you will get $60 Super Cash. Isn’t this AMAZING? Best way to save for sure!


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Online Earn Period

During online shopping, you get Super Cash but here the pattern is different as compared to the in-stores one as the reward earn ratio is different. For instance, if you spend around $2 and $49.99 online then you will get $10 Super cash. The ones who spend between $50 and $74.99 then they will earn around $20 Super Cash, if spend $75 and $99.99 then one will get $30Super Cash. In order to get $40 Super Cash, one needs to spend around $100 and 124.99 online and the ones who spend around $125 overall will get $50 Super Cash. The maximum limit to earn Super Cash is $50 for online users 

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Can You Earn Old Navy Super Cash on Gift Cards?

As for the Gift Cards on Super Cash, one cannot earn the Old Navy Super Cash on Gift Cards. It might sound like a clever take or a disappointing one but one cannot buy gift cards and earn Super Cash on them. For the gift cards, one will need to buy the merchandise 

How to Redeem Old Navy Super Cash

Customers can make use of their Super Cash Reward program during the spending periods and it follows with the earning periods. But the main aspect is that it does expire after a time period, so before it gets expired make the most use of it and buy your favorite products with great earnings. Spend as much as you can before you miss the chance! 

As we follow the spending parameters and instructions, it’s the same for this reward program as well. if you spend between $25 and $49.99 then you can easily redeem a $10 Super Cash coupon code. If you spend between $50 and $74.99 then get to use $20 Super Cash, spend $75 and $99.99 to use $30 Super Cash, spend $100 and $124.99 to use $40 Super Cash, spend $125 and $149.99 to use $50. And once you spend $150 or more you can even max out your Super Cash at $60 off. The maximum discount per transaction is $60 off 


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How Often Does Old Navy Offers Promos for Super Cash?

You will get to see a lot of promos for the Old Navy Super Cash Reward Program and its constant that is they allow customers to grab the chance as earliest and as possible.  The promos run for regular 6 weeks and after that it does not end, the promos after a break runs for the half of the next year . During the Final week or so of the month when the earning period ends you will get a chance to spend that Super cash, make sure to check out the website for exact timing so that you can grab it first 

Do I Have to Spare Money to Utilize Old Navy Super Cash Program?

In order to access the Old Navy Super Cash Program you have to spend money so that you can avail it. One can access the program once they spend at least $25. The more you spend on the purchase the more Super Cash one can generate against the purchase. 


Old Navy Super Cash Code

Planning to spend your Super Cash during the online events then one needs to have an Old Navy Super Cash Code. You can find the code on your paper Super Cash or in your email, application, or through text. The code received will be used during the checkout as you will enter it for redemption and it will deduct the value of your Super Cash from your overall purchase till you meet the spending rules 

How Does Old Navy Super Cash Work Online?

As for the online, you can use your Old Navy Cash Code whether in the printed or physical voucher, through email, or how you received it. 

Just enter the received code in the “Enter promo code” box in the online cart at the checkout and you are good to go 

Can I Stockpile Super Cash With Other Coupons?

No, you cannot stack Old Navy Super Cash with other coupons. The Super Cash cannot be combined with other offers, discounts, and promo codes even if you are an employee of the company. But one way to save extra is that if you are a gap Inc. credit card holder and if you want to use your reward certificates then you can use your Super Cash for up to three reward certificates 


Can You Use Old Navy Super Cash With Promo Code?

Customers cannot use the Old Navy Super Cash with another promo code. As per the Old Navy fine print, Super Cash cannot be used with other coupon codes and promo codes 

Can You Use Old Navy Super Cash at Gap?

As for the Super Cash utilization at Gap, No you cannot utilize it. The Super Cash should be and will be sued only at Old Navy stores and Old Navy online. The Super Cash cannot be utilized at the clearance center. As for The Gap, the brand offers its earning program and cash reward program called GapCash which can only e redeemed at The Gap 

When You Make A Return, What Happens With The Super Cash?

As the Super Cash has no value. If you plan to return it then you will get only the money spent and not any of the value of your Super Cash, with this the ones returning will not get back their reward coupon 

What Is The Difference Between Super Cash and Navyist Rewards?

The reward program is different from Navyist Rewards. The Naviyst Reward Program is accessible to members who create an account and join the program. if you are a Navyist member then one will earn one point for every $1 spent at the Gap Family of brands. for every 100 points, $1 will be rewarded which can be redeemed easily across all Gap brands with no merchandise restrictions. If you are a member of Navyist reward program and a Gap Inc credit card holder then you will get more perks and rewards 

Super Cash is a rewards program you can use without being a member, and can only be earned and redeemed at Old Navy during specific periods of the year. 

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TIP: Navyist Rewards members can convert unused Old Navy Super Cash to points. You have 30 days from the last day to redeem Super Cash to convert Super Cash to points. For each dollar of Super Cash you have, you will receive one point.