Amazing College Student Discounts – 60+ Offers


College days are considered an integral part of one life’s. You make beautiful memories that are cherished for years and these are the days that make you compatible and determined and fill your soul with courage and enthusiasm to conquer the world with skills and abilities. Students prepare themselves for their careers, make tough decisions, and learn about themselves what they are capable of and what interests them the best. The days and years we spent helped build strong relationships we hope will live forever.

As it’s a roller coaster ride full of emotions and dedication, one has to look out for their expenses and liabilities when they head back to school or college after a break. Living expenses, books, stationery, clothes, food, and entertainment are all part of one’s journey which they have to look out for so that they can save up big for the next round. Adding a little fun to the journey is all that we wished for, Going shopping with friends, enjoying movie nights, listening to your favorite songs, and dining out for dinners and lunches is what we all looked forward to but everything comes with some expenses!

Auspiciously there are several deals and discounts present for the college students from different brands and in different categories which will make your college life more happening and exciting! Save up from availing these discounts and deals and make your days more fun and enjoyable

Find Out How To Get A Student Discount

It’s an easy peasy thing to go through! Here we have jotted down some of the amazing deals and discounts for the students so that they can get their hands on the best of the products by just clicking away instead wandering through the websites and shops. The brands and deals listed below have some parameters to follow to get the best discounts. Most of the brands offer you deals and discounts just by telling them that you are a student and others may need your verification status which is your student ID. In other cases, they might ask for your student email address and you will get the promo discount emailed instantly. On other mediums you may require to login in from the portal named UNIDAYS to get the great deals and discounts for good savings, all you have to do is to read out the terms and conditions carefully to avoid any kind of mishap

Student Discounts on Clothing

AeropostaleHere is a big deal for all! Verify your student ID and register yourself with the UniDays portal and get access to a great discount that one can save up to 15% off on their purchase.

American Apparel: Get hands on some comfy and vibrant tees for your college look by getting 20% off on online purchases through registering your ID on UniDAYS!

American Eagle: Stock up your wardrobe with some classic staples and cool tops by saving 20% off on the stock just by joining the UNiDAYS portal, verify your status and enjoy shopping!

ASOS: Make your everyday more fun and loving by getting the best outfit from ASOS, sign up for the portals and get 10% off till graduation and once you order, you will receive your order the next day

Club Monaco: It’s a two-way win with Club Monaco! Get 15% off on all merchandise and stock online and in-stores. Register your email address and avail 15% discount which will be added spontaneously to the shopping cart. For in-store shopping don’t forget to show your ID card for verification

Champion/Hanes: relieve your stress with Champion/Hanes! Avail of a great discount on tees and workout apparel because the brand offers 10% on Champion and Hanes gear. It’s easy to get, get your discount by simply showing your ID and avail of the promo code.

Image: Champion/Hanes:

Dr.Martens: It’s time to get some durable and strong footwear for the long walks! Here the brand offers 15% off on the stock, students have to verify their status on UNiDAYS to grab this amazing discount

Goodwill: Here are your luck weekends as Goodwill offers 10% off the discount to students on Saturdays with ID verification. The deal may differ some location to location but it surely gives you a lot of benefits to avail

Forever21: Everyone’s favorite, Forever21 offers savings for up to 17% off on regular-priced merchandise, students have to verify their status through UNiDAYS and get the discount

H&M: The masters in the fashion industry, H&M offers 10% savings on their entire stock which already offers a great discount, it’s a good deal to seal! Verify your ID through the Student Beans portal and you are good to go

Gymshark: How about a giant discount? here Gymshark is offering 30% off sitewide for their UK-based fitness dresses when you spend around $100 and verify your ID through Student Beans.

Joe’s Jeans: Start your new journey and semester with a pair of good-quality jeans that will make you look more stylish and cool! Joe’s Jeans is offering 15% off for the students on the purchase, verify your status on the Student Beans account and get the deal

J.Crew: Semester is all about a long journey, need some cool and stylish sweaters and jeans? Then head over to the J.Crew collection and students can get 15% off when they show a valid ID card at the time of checkout. This discount can also be availed by teachers

Image: J.Crew

Jack Wills: Start your roller coaster ride in a cool and best way! look fashionable and stylish with Jack Wills as they are offering students 10% off with a UNiDAYS account.

LEVIS: When it’s about jeans, LEVIS pops up one mind! With a great collection of different jeans categories, the brand offers a 15% discount when you join UNiDAYS. Upgrade your fashion style with good savings

Lulus: Summer calls out for Lulus! Get a cool and stylish look this breezy summer season with 10% off on the stock for students with Student Beans

Kate Spade: Semester ends needs to be rewarded! Gift yourself a stylish and cool purse with Kate Spade. Get 15% off with the items online just by your ID card and account on UNiDAYS

M.M.LaFleur: Make your summers more fascinating and intriguing by getting 20% off on full-priced purchases. Just show your valid ID card online and to the retailers, get the discount and enjoy a happy shopping 

Madewell: If you are age 16 or above, then get a 15% off student discount, avail of it on every item online and -stores through the Madewell Insider account with the verified status

Image: Madewell

ModClothGet a vintage style look by ModCloth! Avail of 25% student discount online and in-stores through ID verification at Student Beans

NIKE: Everyone’s favorite brand is here to serve you with the best! Nike is offering 10% off on pair of sneakers to make you look more cool and fashionable. Avail of this discount by submitting your email address and verification of the status through SheerID

Image: Nike

Nasty Gal: Stock up your wardrobe with Nast Gal! Save up to 20% off on everything including the sales one through student status verification on Student Beans. They are also offering free delivery, a bingo deal for sure 

New Balance: Workouts are a must and running to meet deadlines is also important! Get comfy workout appeals and sneakers for a fruitful journey with 15% off through verifying the status on UNiDAYS. Get free delivery as well!

Salvation Army: It all depends on the location of the brand. The company offers great discounts and deals for the students once a week, so look out for your locations and grab the best for yourself

TOMS: One of the most lovable brands across the globe, the company offers the needy the best and for customers, they have a wide range of affordable items. For students, the brand offers savings of 10% off on sneakers by verifying the ID on Student Beans

Under Armour: Get great quality workout apparel and gears at Under Armour! College students can save up to 25% on purchases by verifying their ID through UNiDAYS

Vineyard Vines: College calls out for beaches, picnics, and get-togethers, get your look done by getting staples attires from Vineyard Vines. Get 15% off with the purchases

Student Discounts on Beauty and Health Products

GNC: Supplements and vitamins are necessary for better growth and development! Take this advantage from GNC, by getting 10% off on the products necessary for nutrition supplements. Show and verify your ID card and get the promo code for discount

LensDirect: Better vision calls out for better quality! Get your glasses online with 20% off. The company offers free delivery of the products on the order of $49 as well for students. Great discount with great savings!

MAC Cosmetics: beauty makeover is a must but costs a lot for the students! Here is a chance to grab amazing discounts and deals from MAC Cosmetics! Avail 10% off on all the beauty products by just verifying your student ID through UNiDAYS

Sally Beauty Supply: Get your monthly beauty savings from Sally Beauty Supply that’s is all school and college students can sign-up for the Beauty Students Savings card and get coupons and deals monthly and shop for fun!

Sigma: Here is a chance to get the best products whether it’s a set of brushes, cleaners all kinds of makeup, and much more in a more discounted way! Get 20% off on your orders by just entering a special code once your verification is done on Student Beans

Image: Sigma

Touchland: Personal care is the top priority and here is what Touchland offers to students! Get 15% off on any order for sanitizers, enter the student code from Student Beans and you are good to go

Student Discounts on Entertainment and Electronics

Adorama: Interested in filming or studying video photography, graphic designing, and any other visual fields? Then you are at the right spot! Join Adorama’s Special Discount Program and get access to the items and products at a lower price rate. Make use of the Rental Co. and you can avail yourself of 10% of your rental total as a credit on your Reward Card

ADOBE: One of the important tools for editing pictures and making creativity, Adobe offers a 60% discount to a college student on Creative Cloud where you can carry out all important tasks and work. This deal is also valid once you are graduated

AMC Theaters: Take a break from hectic schedules and go out for a movie night with your friends with great savings! Get low-rate ticket prices at a selected location and enjoy your break and afternoon with AMC Theaters

Amazon Prime Student: Enjoy unlimited films, movies, series, and much more at Amazon Prime with 6 month’s free trial. After the trial period, pay around $7.49 and enjoy unlimited fun and entertainment. Students can cancel their subscription any time but the benefit of having a student ID will get you a chance to avail yourself benefits like Grubhub and Student through which one can get 6 months of premium LinkedIn and prime membership with other deals and discounts 

Image: Amazon Prime Student

Apple: Apple does benefit students. They have special pricing for students at all grades in which they offer financing students, AppleCare, app bundles, accessories, and special deals on many products. One can get free AirPods on the purchase and they offer a different section for deals and discounts on many products

Best Buy: it’s all about savings and getting the best products, the company offers deals and discounts to students of all ages and on every product whether it’s for the school, computers, audio, equipment, and much more

Cinemark: Give yourself a little break from long hectic schedules and get low price tickets by showing your ID card and getting the student discount

Chirp Books: Books are most important when it comes to education, whether you read them online or by just holding them, you get the best picture about yourself and to make things comfier and easier, Chirp Books offers audiobooks which are available with 95% off the discounts without any membership fees.

Dell: DELL is everyone’s favorite, you get the best technological products and services which get you the best results. In search of new gadgets and computers? Then head over to Dell University to get student-only savings on different gadgets and laptops. With different deals and discounts, one can save up to $500

Garmin: Smartwatches are everyone’s favorite! It completes your look so how about having it at lower prices? Head over to Garmin and get a 20% off student discount on smartwatches and other products by verifying your ID card at Student Beans

Norton: computers and laptops can be at big risk because many viruses and malware can attack your system and once it’s corrupt your data is gone and that’s surely a nightmare! Safeguard your devices and gadgets through Norton by availing Norton student discount and one can save up to 66% on the order. Verify your status and get the discount

Image: Norton

Office 365: The world of Microsoft is a complicated and technical one to discover! Get all the Microsoft options and team at one place that is at Office 365 and get it for free through your university email address and also get great discounts on Microsoft features

The New York Times: Get yourself affiliated with the leading The New York Times and get a student discount with a full subscription for $1.50 a week.

Spotify/Hulu/Showtime: Relax and enjoy your nap time with Spotify as it offers a Student Premium account which includes Hulu and SHOWTIME subscriptions as well just for $4.99 a month

TickTick: Stay organized and stay creative with TickTick as they boost your energy and enthusiasm to make you complete your task on time. Students will get a 25% discount on their Premium subscription which is for $27.99 a year.

The Wall Street Journal: Keep yourself updated with The Wall Street Journal! Get the goings around the world with a student subscription for the paper that is $4 and for the digital and printed package the cost for students is $10 per month

College Student Discounts on Home and Décor

Allform: Make your study environment fun and enjoyable with Allform. Show and verify your student ID card and get a code of 25% off on stylish modular sofas.

Bed Bath & Beyond: Here students can register themselves for the College Pass program and get special discounts which involve 20% off sitewide on each purchase

Brooklyn Bedding: It’s not for one day or two, students can now avail of up to 25% off the discount on both online and in-store purchases

Image: Brooklyn Bedding

Birch Living: Good sleep leads to a better working day! Upgrade and get a new mattress, bedding, and all the accessories with 15% off saving when checkout.

Helix: Grab some great savings with Helix! That is get 15% off the discount on any item and product by simply verifying your ID through UNiDAYS Grab great benefits and perks by joining Club O Membership and it’s for free. With this students can get extra rewards of about 40% off, free shipment of the products, 5% in rewards dollars, and many more.

Saatva: Sleep well and stay healthy with Saatva. Luxury mattresses and products are now available at great discounts that is one can get $225 off on a purchase worth $1000, for verification they just need students with valid photo IDs

SMARTBOX Portable Moving and Storage: Moving out from college dorms? Or moving into a brand new apartment once studies are finished? Now get easy transportation with SMARTBOX services. Students can avail and save big on moving and storage by citing that they are currently enrolled students of faculty members to the customer care service during the process

Solo Stove: Get fresh and yummylicious food from Solo Stove! Get 20% off on an order of $199 or more through Student Beans portal verification, each student will get a different promo code at the time of checkout

Image: Solo Stove

Sam’s Club: Register for Sam’s Club collegiate membership for $45 and get a $10 e-gift so that you can get a great stock of paper goods and snacks for munching

Undergrads Moving: let’s ease some load for moving students, get labor-only residential moving services from the company and use promo code UNDRGRDS15 and get 15% off the discount for availing of services

College Student Discounts on Food

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: 10% off the discount is for all students! Whether you are a coffee lover or a fan of frothy iced beverages, get this amazing discount just by ID verification through Student Beans

Carne Collective: Make BBQ plans for parties with Carne Collective, stock up on all the meat, and students can get 20% off the discount with proof of student status through the Student Beans portal

Home Chef: Craving for some home-cooked food? Then you are at the right place! Get these 15-minute quick and easy meals that can be cooked in the microwave. Students can easily claim $116 off when signing up for the Home Chef Subscription, use the Home Chef code through Student Beans, and get the parcel.

ILLy: Get your coffee products and machines from IIIy at discounted rates. The company offers 25% off to students, just verify your status through your ID card at Students Beans and satisfy your cravings for coffee 

PVD Pizza: Pizza is like fuel to your never-ending cravings! Boost yourself with this England Based pizza brand which offers around 20% off discount by Student Beans

Image: PVD Pizza

Thrive Market: Get some healthy snacks and organic food and products from Thrive Market which serves the best food items including meat and seafood. Here students can get free membership and through Student Beans, they can get 50% savings as well.