8 Best Ways To Save At ALDO When You Shop Your Favorites

Footwear is one of the essential elements in our fashion style, it completes the look and adds glamour to the style. Whereas the right shoe choice makes it more glittering and mesmerizing and if we talk about footwear then the one brand that grabs our immediate attention is ALDO. The love for footwear has made ALDO mark its name in the fashion industry and one rule that the brand follows is to stay real and stylish at the same time. The Canadian footwear brand is adored by all, whether it’s for any occasion, one always looks forward to the footwear collection offered by ALDO. Established in 19772, the footwear brand now is offering stylish, trendy, and affordable shoe-wear, trendy and reasonable prices products that make you look more classy and sophisticated. The products offered by the company include a variety of shoes, bags, and accessories that do not limit the choice of shopaholics. Here the products are designed and offered with utmost perfection, and reliability, and the standout designs make them more attractive and appealing. The company has its specialty in digital, retail, and wholesale level. The retailer section of ALDO comprises products that are at an affordable rate, trendy and stylish products with good quality, here the quality is not being compromised. The products offered at the retailer selection are designed by a team of highly creative designers from around the globe to present you with the best of the products. ALDO creates an atmosphere just like you walk in a boutique, it gives a glamorous vibe to the customers once you enter the outlet or if you visit the online portal, it offers an enthralling look

The brand offers a great product line and categories for men and women with this they offer a separate section for featured shops which surely will grab your attention and it includes the 9-tO-5 Edit, Y2K Fashion, RSVP Edit, Best Sellers, and much more. from sneakers, high heels, loafers wallets, and backpacks to rings, accessories, and jewelry, one can find a variety of products that will give a complete look 

But But, this does not end here. ALDO is one of the first companies to be certified as carbon neutral which initiated projects and works in order to improve the energy efficiency of the operations they held and also initiate such ideas that helped in reducing the packaging material, travel emissions, and transport, that’s how the brand outshines from the rest and is always ready to explore to new products, plans and projects in order to maintain the sustainability of the environment  



ALDO: Where It All Begins From 

Founded in 1972, the company has embarked on the journey of success and innovation in the history of the FASHION WORLD. its existence started in 1972 when ALDO Bensadoun who was the son of the merchant and grandson of the cobbler, gathered money in order to manufacture and start the production of 60 pairs of wooden clogs in Canada. This is how ALDO established its first store in the US in 1993 and from there it started selling shoes and footwear now they have around 3,000 stores around the globe 

The reason behind the great achievement and success is simple, that is the devotion and the uniqueness they present in manufacturing shows how passionate and visionary they are. In 20110 Bensadoun stated in an interview with The Globe and Mail that the main aspect of their company is to bring out innovative products and keep offering new styles swiftly “You have to be fast and you have to renew yourself constantly,” he stated. “Our strength is to adapt. As the customer is changing, we’re adapting to the new face of the customer.” the legendary words speak about the vision and aim of the company which is to make customers happy with the products they offer 

Another milestone they achieved is that through hard work and dedication, they expanded their business globally and the reason behind this huge success is that the products they offers are of top-notch quality, and durable. Luxury designs, lasting laces for shoes, and the creative product line they offer. The shoes and other products might be a bit pricey as compared with others but here they offer reasonable prices products without compromising the quality

How To Save at Big At ALDO

Like all other brands, ALDO offers opportunities through sales, promotions, discounts, and different saving programs that get you great savings. Here one needs to play attentively and use these perks in the best way so that you can grab the best products and save good bucks on ALDO’S already discounted shoewear

Here is a rundown on how to shop ALDO for less  

1. Enroll in the ALDO Crew Program 

Who does not love the famous LOYALTY PROGRAM? The best way to save big at ALDO and enjoy its perks of it is that Join ALDO Crew the loyalty program which makes customers hooked to the program as the ALDO Crew offers special offers, sales, birthday gifts, discounts, and other benefits which will make your experience more like a roller coaster ride. The company divides the Crew into three membership levels which are completely based on the spending they make annually 

Image: ALDO Crew Loyalty Program


2.  Head over to ALDO Outlet Stores

Outlets give the best of the experience, here the customers can try on the products and can choose wisely which product will go with their fashion style. Here as the company is globally expanded, the customers can view an extensive variety of collections and categories of shoes, handbags, and accessories at the store. The benefit of shopping from stores is that ALDO offers discounts for up to 70% off and its located around the globe, so hop out the finders and locate your store nearby 


3.  Don’t Miss ALDO Shoe Sale Events

Like other retailers, ALDO carries out sale events throughout the whole year and it also offers great discounts, promo codes, and coupon codes during the holidays Like Mother Day and Black Friday Sale celebrates as a festive 

PRO TIP “When Does The Sale Happen: ALDO initiates sale events like ALDO Holiday Sale in early December, Winter Sale in mid-January, and the Summer Sale during June and July, they give you numerous chances to grab your favorite products at discounted rates. Here during these sale events, the company offers a discount of up to 50% off on all styles Besides these sale events, the company runs end-of-season sales where you can get event BIG DISCOUNTS AND OFFERS that will leave you amazed and excited because sometimes they offer discounts for up to 70% off on clearance products from the last season. IMAGINE THE CRAZE LEVEL!

4. Grab the Limited Time Discounts

ALDO provides time-limited chances for customers to earn and get additional discounts when they make a purchase from the brand. For instance, the shopaholics can get an extra 10% off on the orders that have two or more two pairs of bags and footwear through 3rd August. This is the best opportunity to get your favorite back-to-school shoewear and handbags

Buy From The Clearance Section Year-round: End Season Sales are not only the option where you can get the discounted products and items for the wardrobe, you can shop all year long from the ALDO’S clearance deals available at the Clearance Section. The section consists of men’s and women’s clearance sections, divided so that one can shop with ease and comfort. Here at the Clearance Section one can get products for up to 70% off the real cost  

Have a look at the Coupon Codes and Promo codes: Here ALDO does not need coupons and promo codes in order to access the discounts, sales, and promotional offers but the best way to keep updated about the promo codes and coupon codes is to look out for the website offering it as it gets you more savings and big discounts. Through the reliable websites, one can also get the Cash Back 


5. Free Charges for ALDO Shipping 

For Standard shipping, the company charges $7.95 and the order will be delivered within 3 to 6 working days and for Express Shipping the company will charge around $24.95 and you will receive the order within 1 to 4 working days. But here is a chance for all to avoid the additional charges and one can get the order with a free shipment 

Below are the three best ways to get the free shipment from ALDO 

  • Spend a Certain Cost: The Company mainly offers the free shipment of the products on some maximum reach purchase of orders. ALDO will deliver your order for free when it’s between $75 and $95 
  • Spend Around $50 and More as A Member Of ALDO Crew and Crew Plus: The company offers free shipment of the order for the Crew Members who spend $50 or more on purchasing 
  • Get the VIP Status: The Company offers free shipment of the orders to the members who have achieved ALDO Crew VIP status, no minimum spending is required in this case. In order to attain this status, make sure to spend around $300 or more at ALDO in a calendar year

6. Get Price Adjustment From ALDO 

The company accepts and offers cost adjustments to the customers, that is it can be made during the seven days after you make a purchase. it’s easy to utilize that if you make a purchase at ALDO and then the price is reduced within 7 days, you can contact the customer service or the store manager to ask for the request and refund for the difference 

7. ALDO Return Policy

The return policy is easy to use, that is the if you are not satisfied with the product then it can be returned to the company within 60 days but it should be unworn shoes with the original receipt of the bill. After the return of the products, the refund will be credited in your original form of payment and it will be refunded within 10 working days 

What is the Return Process

In order to return the product, one can return it to stores and through the mail as well. Below is the process 

  • In-Stores Return Policy: If you are not satisfied with the product then you can return it in-stores or online at your local ALDO store. In order to make the in-store return, bring your order which should be unworn shoes or products with the original receipt to the store and speak with the sales concerned associate 
  • Online Returns: you can return the products you ordered from ALDOShoes.com through the mail. In order to return the product through mail, one can innate the process of return through the website while using the order number and the ZIP code. After this, you will receive the free UPS label through the email where one will get the detailed instruction on how to process the return 

8. Take Part in the ALDO x Give Back Box

An initiative to save the plant and it’s also a money-saving tip, ALDO Give Back Box Program is a step towards sustainability and betterment of the environment in order to reduce waste and eliminate carbon emissions. This program enables you to donate your old bags, accessories, outfits, and shoes to charities like Goodwill and Salvation Army 

To be a part of the program, fill the box like the one you get with the online order with worn shoes, old handbags, accessories, and outfits that you want to donate, and once filled, drop it at the local ALDO store( UPS USPS ). Once dropped, you will get 15% off on the next purchase once Give Back Box got your donations