10 Best Ways To Get Great Savings When You Shop At Gap Factory

The excitement of getting the best and most stylish outfit during teenage life was something that we all felt and observed and still we are getting excited to shop today. Now if we look towards a brand name or store that actually offers stylish, best quality clothes and outfits for the entire family from infant to grandma and the best answer undoubtedly will be GAP. A true Modern American Optimism approach, the brand is the true originator and champion of the true American style which bridges the gap between generations, individuals, and cultures. They offer a diverse range of fashion categories which enables customers to select the best for themselves. The company has marked its name in the fashion industry in a very short time. The products and services continue in inspiring the generation to come forward and shop for their favorite look so that they can feel more comfortable, confident, and stylish in their attires and outfits. They empower women that is the business is handled and managed by women, they are the majority of the customers, and employees through which the company offers potential and opportunities to young talent. The designs and styles offered by the company reflect the true essence of the American style and culture. To maintain the surroundings and sustainability of the environment, the company takes all the measures to offer an environment-friendly products and categories. The Gap is a retailer expert at offering timeless classic outfits and products as well as on-trend staples which makes it one of the best brands across the globe. Moreover, the company has been serving up the styles and fashion trends that you want for decades 

If you are not satisfied with the sticker prices at Gap then here is an option for you all that you can avail yourself of easily that is GAP FACTORY OUTLET. Yes you heard it right, this outlet retailer which operates both online and in-stores offers numerous options for Gap fans and admires who are actually the true bargain hunters 

Difference Between Gap and Gap Factory

Wondering what’s the difference between Gap and Gap Factory? The question might rise which one is better? Then here we got you all the details! What actually makes Gap Factory outshines form many outlets is that it has one of the major strokes that have its own in-house design team where styles and designs are created specifically for the stores, which means that you are not only shopping Gap overstock, faulty or damaged goods or last season trends but you will benefit from this that is you will be getting an original line of products and clothing which can be only available at Gap Factory. Here it’s a piece of good news but the real question still hoovers is that 

Is Gap Outlet Really Affordable than Gap?


The Gap Factory offers lower prices on products almost every day than what you will find at GAP. This means that once you are visiting the store that means you are on your way to saving good bucks for the next one. For example, at Gap, the T-shirt will cost you around $50 but at Gap Factory it cagn cost $34.99. Secondly, a pair of straight-leg jeans at Gap Factory costs around $59.95 while the same style of jeans at Gap can cost around $69.95 or $79.95 


Just like on the contrary, The Gap Factory consists of outfits and clothes for the whole family both online and in-store. At the Gap Factory online, one can see categories and headings for girls, boys, and toddlers where you will be able to meet all the needs and demands and if you are looking out for Baby Gap Outlet it’s just a click away on the Baby Header. You can also explore a similar pricing pattern as mentioned above when you compare the kids and baby sections of Gap Factory with Gap. A Boy’s tee costs around $14.99 at Gap Factory and the same tees can be found for boys at Gap for $24.95

How to Save Up at Gap Outlet

1. Enroll for  the Gap Good Rewards Program

About the reward program, Yes it can be used at Gap Factory, all the benefits and opportunities which can be availed through Gap Good Rewards Program can be used at the Gap Factory. No charges are applied when one joins the program it’s free and it’s for all, that is once you earn 1 point for every dollar you use while purchasing through the Gap family of brands this can be redeemed easily, here through this reward program., the members will get the free shipment of the products on orders of%50 or more and non-members have to pay around $7 or $9 as for the shipment fees. Through this program, members will get a chance to access exclusives sale, offers, promotional offers, and bonus points which will drop directly into your inbox. One of the biggest opportunities that can be availed that the points earned through the reward program can be used for other Gap brands which include Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta 


How to Sign Up For Gap Good Rewards Program:

Gap Good Rewards

Image: Gap.com

  • Visit the website and while scrolling down the Gap Factory site you will see “Join Gap Good Rewards-Its Free “ click it and proceed with the process 
  • Once you click it, enter your name, email address, and phone number and after this create a password so that you can create an account 
  • After entering the details, click on the option to create an account and once the account is created you will become a member of the program and you will have your Good Reward membership 


2. Apply for the Gap Good Rewards Mastercard

A good way to save bucks! Cardholders will be able to get 5 points on the spending of every dollar through purchasing from different brands of the Gap Family. They will also get the free sand fast shipment of the orders for $50 or more and they will have a chance to get accessibility to exclusive offers and other bonuses. One more perk, the cardholders will get 15% off on their first order when they use their card 

3. Shop the Gap Outlet Sale and Clearance Sections

The clearance and Sale section is everyone’s favorite, they give you a chance to buy your favorite and most loved products at reasonable and discounted prices and here the Gap Factory consists of the same sections which offer great discounts that will make you save big. Here the clearance section of the Gap Factory offers 40% off on products with already low prices and the other section offers around 75% off. Although the Gap Factory sections are placed in two different departments, they all have the same merchandise at the same price. As for the stores, make sure to look out for the clearance section at the back for other discounted offers available in stores  


4. Utilize Gap Outlet Coupons and Promo Codes 

It’s always about saving big bucks at Gap! Everyone loves coupon codes and promo codes, right? Here Gap got you! From military discounts to available coupons at Gap Factory, the listed coupons will get you the best experience. The coupon codes available at Gap are easy to redeem and offer savings on the products which have already discounted rates BINGO! 

5. Check the Top of the Website

Up to 75% off + OLX Extra 30% off + OLX Extra 60% off CLX

Image: GapFactory.com

One pro tip is to check and surf the website properly and with focus, because they have many insiders and promotional activities going on currently which can get you more savings and make your experience a worthy one for sure. While searching and exploring the website, make sure to look at the top of the website for offers and exclusive sale options. Free shipment of the orders, exclusive bonus, saving tips, and additional savings on the purchase on the clearance section, these offers get you some serious savings that can be used for the next 

6. Shop Annual Sales

DON’T MISS THE ANNUAL SALES OF GAP FACTORY! These annual sales run throughout the year which involves Black Friday, holidays, and back-to-school seasons. Here one can also get a chance to get products from the spring sale and the best time to shop from then Gap Factory is during the holidays when they offer discounts and savings of 50%. It’s a win-win game!

7. Redeem GapCash

Gap cash. Valid at Gap & Gap Factory.

Image: GapFactory.com

Save more with Gap Factory through the GapCash program, designed and implemented in order to save more money. The cash earned through the program can be used during specific earning periods whole year. During the earning period, you will get a coupon code once you complete a transaction. For in-store, one will be presented with the physical coupon while online, and members will be able to see the GapCash in their account within 24 hour time period of the purchase. Once you receive the GapCash then you can use it for online purchasing or in-stores during a specific time period. One point to be noted is that members can only sue $10 IN GapCash when you spend around $25 while the maximum limit one can use from the GapCash per purchase is $120 here one question prompts is “Can I earn and use GapCash at Gap Factory Outlet” and the answer is yes you can 

8. Use In-Store Pickup with Your Online Order

Save up more costs by just placing your order online and selecting the option that you want to pick up the order from the nearest Gap Factory location, here one will save the shipping cost, and on the other side the hassle of delivery will be avoided. If you are a shopaholic then you better know that shipping fees can increase a great cost  

9. Find Discounted Gap Gift Cards

Gift cards work like a magic for bargain hunters! That is the websites for gift cards like CardCookie, CardCash, and Gap gift cards can be utilized at the Gap Factory online and in stores for more savings. Here getting the gift cards from the card deals websites can get you good savings of around 10%  

10. Sign up for Gap Factory Emails

Gap Factory

Image: GapFactory.com

Signing up for brand emails is itself a benefit, wondering how. Once you sign up for Gap Factory Emails, you will get 20% off on the next order. Receiving the emails from the brand means that you will be the first one to get alerts and information about upcoming sales and these subscription sales and deals will directly drop into your inbox 

How to Sign Up for Gap Factory Emails:

  • Visit the website and scroll directly down the site and see the option” Customer Service” under the Customer Support Heading. Click the option
  • Then scroll to the bottom of the page and there you will see the blue footer in which you can enter the email and click on the join option.